Company of Dreams

Company of Dreams is a unique new dance company which uses the art of middle eastern dance to improve health and wellbeing and promote cross cultural understanding.

At the heart of our work is the middle eastern dance form generally known as bellydance – one of the world’s most misunderstood dances, but one with unique performance qualities as well as a powerful ability to improve mental and physical well being, in particular increasing self esteem and positive body awareness in women.

The four pillars of our work are:

Performance: Producing exciting and artistically excellent dance productions telling the great stories of the middle east, using our own unique style of bellydance blended with western dance forms. At a time when the media and public discourse all too often associates the middle east with war, terrorism and destruction, we seek through our performances to remind people of the region’s rich culture of myth and storytelling.

Fostering wellbeing and improved self esteem amongst women: Delivering bellydance sessions to vulnerable women, in particular those escaping domestic abuse, recovering from eating disorders or living with radical surgery; also teaching open community classes to bring the mental and physical health benefits of bellydance to women from all walks of life.

Building understanding: Through talks and demonstrations working to overcome negative and mistaken perceptions of bellydance amongst the general public and the wider dance sector.

Raising standards: Working to raise the artistic and professional standards within the bellydance sector to ensure greater artistry and excellence in the dance form.


Wellbeing work

Raising standards

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