Dancer development

Company of Dreams is passionate about creating world class oriental dancers to help our dance take its rightful place alongside the greatest art forms.

If belly dance is to be taken seriously by the wider world, we must ensure our standards are as high as those expected in other dance forms. This is why Company of Dreams has, as one of its four pillars, the firm commitment to raising standards in oriental dance.
It’s vital that every one of us who cares about this dance never stops learning, never stops improving. So we have created challenging advanced/professional standard weekly classes and a twelve month personalised dancer development programme to help you reach and stay at the very top of your game.

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Weekly advanced/professional class in London

Every Sunday 3pm-4.30pm
Canada Water Studios
Vancouver House, Surrey Quays Road
Just 50 yards from Canada Water Station (Jubilee Line and London Overground)
Class fee £12

This truly challenging and unique class features demanding drills, body conditioning, complex layering, advanced travelling combinations and inspiring choreography.  It takes you well beyond the ‘pops and shimmies’ style of bellydance towards confident stagework. Superb arms and footwork, flow, connection and ease of co-ordination are what set the very best dancers apart, as does attention to the tiniest details, and Charlotte’s class builds those qualities in advanced dancers and elevates them to the level demanded of professionals in all other dance forms.

Short choreographies (taught in sections to facilitate drop ins) cover the whole gamut of bellydance styles and skills, including prop work, floorwork, veil, drum solo, theatrical fantasy and pure rhythmic combinations. Attention is given to emotional intensity and communication of meaning.

Drop in – no need to book.

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Personalised Dancer Development Programme

Devised by Charlotte Desorgher and Aziza of Montreal, the Personalised Dancer Development Programme is a unique twelve month programme, aimed at helping dancers achieve their goals. Completely personalised to your needs, it begins with an in-depth one-to-one session to discover what your own goal is and then tailoring a focussed, systematic and achievable plan for you to get there

Throughout the twelve months you will receive regular, personal, direct coaching and mentoring, both in the studio and via Skype. We will help you set your short and long term goals, devise a detailed practice and development plan, update your plan on an regular basis, coach you on performance pieces, host monthly ‘creative café’ sessions so you can share your journey with other dancers on the programme, and be there for you through your challenges and your successes.

For more information please call Charlotte on 01342 850423.