The village comes to town!

We were thrilled that a coach party from Charlotte’s home village of Markbeech in Kent came up to see the show at Sadler’s Wells. It sounds like they had a lot of fun and they contributed to a fantastic audience on the night! Here’s a report on the evening, written by one of the villagers and published in the village magazine:

“The show’s programme told us that Company of Dreams would take us on an exciting, exotic journey to the very heart of the orient. What it didn’t mention was that a 32 seater coach would start the journey from Markbeech. It was good to see the village in cultural appreciation mode which involved a lot of prosecco, with cold boxes containing enough alcohol to flood Cowden.

So was it just a bellydance show? This was answered in the first minutes where we saw a unique blend of western and middle eastern styles, a heady mixture of contemporary, jazz, ballet and classic bellydance. Jacqi Adkins remarked “It was much more varied than I expected, with so many different styles, so many different moods and expressive choreography which told a story. And the theatre was perfect, sufficiently intimate that you could take in each scene with one sweep of the eye and you felt part of the action, even hearing the movement of the dancers’ feet!”

But what a show! Produced, directed and choreographed by our own Charlotte Desorgher, it was based on the many tales of 1001 Nights retold in dance. It was set to the story of Scheherazade – the brave and resourceful daughter of a vizier, who saved the life of every woman in the land by telling stories to the king who, driven mad by jealousy, had vowed to marry a new bride every day, take her to his bed and then in the morning execute her.

At this stage in the show the dead body count equalled Midsomer Murders!

Scheherazade offered herself to be married to the king, despite the terrible danger to herself, and then on their wedding night told him a story so exciting, and with such a cliffhanger at dawn that he had to keep her alive to tell the rest of the tale each night. The tales she told were tales of magic and adventure, of genies and magic carpets, of Sinbad and Aladdin, of ghouls, demons and faeries! The king was enchanted and we were too.

The dancing was stunning, with professional dancers who have performed on the West End stage, their athleticism took your breath away. Jacqi again “I loved the fight scene where the king discovers his wife’s infidelity. I just like watching male dancers anyway; but the strength and agility of the men was amazing and when they lifted the women, there was a beautiful contrast between the strength of the men and the softness of the women.”

Memorable too were the fire eaters and of course the snake charmer with Diego the python. In all it was a night to remember at a great theatre, with great costumes, great lighting and great spectacle. In all, a huge well done Charlotte.

And the coach ride home? Some slept, some partied, many said we must do this again.
There’s a suggestion that the show might go to Tunisia for a festival in June – now that would be a great village outing!”

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