Charlotte Desorgher

Charlotte Desorgher is renowned worldwide as one of the leading teachers, choreographers, innovators and promoters of middle eastern dance. Performing since childhood, she trained extensively in theatre arts as well as classical ballet, jazz, and contemporary dance and took one of the first dance/education degrees at Roehampton’s Froebel Institute. Then, in 1982 she saw her first bellydancer and fell in love with the beauty and sensuality of the art form.

In 2007 Charlotte founded Hipsinc, the largest belly dance school in the UK and over the years has trained and influenced literally thousands of dancers, from absolute beginners through to international professionals. She is also a major event producer, having organised several large scale international bellydance festivals as well as numerous student and professional shows.

In recent years, Charlotte has been driven by a desire to create a more dramatic, theatrical form of the dance – one which could thrill and inspire audiences and take them on an emotional journey. She also wanted to help the art form she loved to be taken more seriously by the wider dance community.

In 2013, aided by an Arts Council grant, she developed her own unique style of dance, blending her own initial training in ballet, jazz and contemporary with the sinuous movements of bellydance. She went on to invite some of the best, most technically proficient and most versatile oriental dancers in Europe to join her in what was to become Company of Dreams.

Charlotte is passionate about raising standards in the middle eastern dance sector and teaches a challenging advanced/professional class in central London, which attracts dancers from every corner of the world. Many of the best dancers in this class go on to become members of Company of Dreams.

But Charlotte is every bit as committed to teaching non-dancers the joys of bellydance and still teaches weekly classes to adult beginners from all walks of life.