Dreams of the Orient

Dreams of the Orient was our first theatre show and the dance community had never seen anything quite like it! Showcasing our new dance style for the first time, we took our audiences on a magic carpet ride to the ancient orient – to the world of Sinbad and Aladdin, of dark eyed sheiks, silk veiled harem women and scimitar wielding assassins. A world where beautiful foreign princesses were captive to imperious sultans. A world of fire, silk and sharp pointed daggers.

The show sold out the Cockpit Theatre in London over two nights and brought an audience of 500 to the Ashcroft Theatre in Croydon, many of whom had never seen bellydance before and an independent audience survey yielded some very enthusiastic testimonials from both shows.

A few of the scenes from Dreams of the Orient went on to become part of our later, full length production of Scheherazade and 1001 Nights.

Dancers: Cate Caasi Brick, Chantel Phillips, Maelle Mayel, Melissa Pina, Itziar Landazuria and Ozgen Ozgec.

  • The Dreams of the Orient show at the Cockpit Theatre last night was totally breathtaking. If you love your dancing don’t miss it.
  • Bellydance was taken to a whole new level last night – it felt as though it was opening a new beginning for all of us!
  • Amazing show…so breathtaking!
  • Sensual and a feast to watch
  • Original, artistic, visually outstanding, sensuous and imaginative
  • Absolutely amazing. Really enjoyable and well choreographed show