Enta Omri was composed by Mohammed Abdul Waheb. The instrumental version we use is by Hossam Ramzy

Enta Omri

Enta Omri (You Are My Life) is one of the best loved songs in the Arabic language, made famous by the greatest Egyptian singer of all time, Om Khalthoum, who is to this day revered throughout the Arab world. The songs of Om Khaltoum have a very special place in middle eastern dance – the interpretation of her songs is undertaken only by the most experienced dancers and we are tasked with demonstrating the heartfelt beauty of the vocal line through our movements.

Our Enta Omri is a big departure from the usual female solo interpretation. It was created by Charlotte for our first company lineup, it was an important part of the initial development of our new style and was performed in our first show, Dreams of the Orient.

There are some major innovations in this piece, some of which were very definite breaks with tradition. Firstly, it is choreographed for a group, rather than the usual solo improvisation; secondly we tell a simple story – of the different romantic relationships we experience through life before we find the ‘true one’. Rather daringly Charlotte has given the traditional movements to the violin’s interpretation of the main vocal line to a male dancer – the world famous Turkish dancer Ozgen, and even more daringly some would say, she’s included a very short section of floorwork which some bellydance purists say is heresy when dancing to Om Khalthoum.

This was our very first attempt at romantic partnering and features our first ever lifts, taught to us by Denzil Bailey of the English National Ballet.

Dancers: Agata Taveres, Cate Caasi Brick, Chantel Phillips, Itziar Landazuria, Maelle Mayel and Ozgen Ozgec. Charlotte appears briefly in her role as narrator in Dreams of the Orient.