Enjoy our trailer for Scheherazade

With a breathtaking explosion of dance, fire and illusion, Company of Dreams transports you to the exotic, dangerous and magical world of the Arabian Nights. In this brand new production of one of the greatest stories of the ancient world, Scheherazade and her magical tales of genies, ghouls and faeries, of Sinbad, Aladdin and Ali Baba, are retold in thrilling dance.

Scheherazade is dramatic and ambitious. A full length oriental ballet, it features our unique blend of middle eastern dance with western dance forms such as contemporary dance, jazz and Latin, plus fire artistry, illusion and thrilling music, all wrapped up in a dramatic narrative to keep you on the edge of your seat.

You’ll be left with potent images of ancient times when a brave and resourceful young woman really could save the world by telling stories.

This ancient set of stories, often known as the Arabian Nights, is steeped in mystery. The tales Scheherazade told – of magic carpets and genies, of Sinbad, Aladdin and Ali Baba – are famous throughout the world, but no-one knows quite when or from where each story originated. However, we do know that they come from every land in the middle east: countries such as Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Egypt and Lebanon.

Scheherazade and 1001 Nights was conceived, directed and produced by Charlotte Desorgher. Choreography by Charlotte Desorgher and the cast. Dramaturgy and theatrical direction by Sandra Maturana. Costumes by Caasi Brick, Hannah Evans and Lamia Scott

“We came to see the performance not knowing what to expect and we were blown away. The dancers, the energy, the journey throughout the performance was intriguing.  We didn’t want it to stop. Every single performer was incredible and you had the audience captivated.”

“The costumes and the atmosphere was so inviting and exotic it gave a whole new story to the atmosphere and culture of the middle east.”

“The show was both innovative and exciting, thrilling from start to finish.”


“Versatile, rich, colourful, amazing! A great story that develops and keeps the audience captivated from the beginning to the end.”

“Such an amazing experience to all audience in both, Arabic and British, societies. I believe I will be speaking on behalf of everyone when I say that despite of nationality, race, sex or religion, Company of Dreams helped us to dig deep hard to come up with some goodness inside of us.

“The seamless blending of cultures into one performance resulted in an entertaining story with some truly breath-taking moments. Drama, excitement and emotion fill each act.”