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At a time when the Middle East is synonymous with war, terrorism and destruction, Company of Dreams reminds people of the rich vein of myth, magic and storytelling which threads through those ancient lands. We do this through dance – an updating of one of the oldest, but possibly most misunderstood, dances in the world.

By doing so, we hope to bring westerners and middle eastern people together in joint appreciation of middle eastern culture, to help overcome prejudice towards the middle east and its dance form, to help keep alive that dance form at a time of threat in its native lands and to share the joy and pleasure of belly dance with the wider world.

But we do need your help to achieve our aims. For example, our ground breaking production of Scheherazade was made possible, not only by funding from the Arts Council, but by the enormous generosity of over 70 friends and family who donated amounts varying from £5 to £250 to help us create the work.

But that funding only took us to to Tunbridge Wells and London. Our next project is to take it out to more towns and cities in the UK and Europe, so that as many people as possible can see it. We will once again be applying to the Arts Council, but the Arts Council requires at least 50% of any funding to come from other sources, so we really do need your help.

Please will you help us?

You can make a donation through Pay Pal via the button below. Or alternatively, if you would like to find out the benefits of making a regular, or more substantial, donation please call Charlotte Desorgher on 01342 850423 or email her at charlotte@companyofdreams.net

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