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Company of Dreams is a totally unique dance company aiming to make real, tangible difference to the world.

Working with women recovering from trauma

Anyone who bellydances will tell you that bellydance has a remarkable and unique ability to improve self esteem and foster positive body image in women. In particular, women who have suffered in abusive relationships, who have self harmed through various means, or who are living with radical surgery from cancer often benefit in profound ways from learning to bellydance and all our teachers have seen deeply heartwarming and uplifting results in their students from all walks of life.

This is why we are in the process of setting up a network of specialist classes in partnership with agencies and support groups to help deliver the health and wellbeing effects of bellydance for women who have been affected by traumatic experiences. We believe this work really can make a difference to the lives of women who have been scarred by such experiences.

Helping overcome prejudice, changing perceptions

At a time when the Middle East is synonymous with war, terrorism and destruction, Company of Dreams reminds people of the rich vein of myth, magic and storytelling which threads through those ancient lands.

Through our exciting and innovative dance productions we hope to bring westerners and middle eastern people together in joint appreciation of middle eastern culture, to help overcome prejudice towards the middle east and its dance form, to help keep alive that dance form at a time of threat in its native lands and to share the joy and pleasure of belly dance with the wider world.

Building understanding

Bellydance is one of the most misunderstood of all dance forms. Often derided as being akin to striptease, in fact it’s a beautiful art form with a fascinating history and a unique relationship to music. Through talks, lectures, magazine articles and dance productions Company of Dreams is working to overcome negative and mistaken perceptions of bellydance amongst the general public and the wider dance sector.

Raising standards

Company of Dreams is passionate about creating world class oriental dancers to help our dance take its rightful place alongside the greatest art forms. We are working hard to raise the artistic and professional standards within the sector to ensure greater artistry and excellence in the dance form.

Please help us – we can’t do it without you!

  • By making a donation

    We can’t do our work without your help! As a not-for-profit company we rely on financial support to survive. Some of that comes from organisations such as the Arts Council, or from charitable trusts and foundations. A little more comes from ticket sales, but these sources can only cover a tiny percentage of our funding needs.

    Even the smallest amount really can make a difference.

    • £15 will pay travel costs for a teacher to travel to teach a class to women in one of the rural projects in Kent
    • £60 will pay for a specialist bellydance class for a group of women in their place of safety

      We believe our work is making a difference, please help us continue by making a donation via our paypal button below, or by emailing

  • By volunteering

    We are currently looking for volunteer help with administration, public relations and book keeping. If you have a few hours to spare and can help in any of these areas we would love to hear from you! In exchange you’ll get to see behind the scenes of an exciting and innovative arts company and work with a group of creative game changers. Please email

  • By keeping up to date with our news

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