Will you help us bring joy to victims of trauma?

Today I’m asking a direct and maybe difficult question. Would YOU personally be prepared to make a donation to help fund our work giving the joy of bellydance to victims of slavery, domestic violence, rape and terminal cancer?
Over the past few weeks, as we’ve told the bellydance community on Facebook about our work with women affected by trauma, and about the fund we’ve set up in Yvette Cowle’s memory, we’ve received literally hundreds of Facebook likes, loads of shares and lots of supportive messages. All this is really lovely, but honestly, without any money, we can’t do anything!!!

We’ve really, truly appreciated all the likes, shares and supportive messages and we’re incredibly grateful, but without actual donations we can’t deliver even one class for women with terminal cancer in a hospice. No-one fleeing from the terror of their violent partners, and not even one woman who has escaped from horror and misery of slavery will be able to experience the healing power of bellydance.

On 11th September we’ll be launching a major crowdfunding challenge with international foundation Global Giving because we need to raise serious money to help us do this genuinely valuable and inspiring work. We are also applying to local authorities, trusts, foundations, the lottery etc, but we desperately need the support of the community.
Will you make a donation to actually make this work happen? If every person reading this post donated just £10 we could raise a significant amount of money to enable us to continue and expand our programme. We’ll be sharing more about our campaign in the run up to September 11th, and we really, really hope you will help us by making a donation later this month, however small.
Charlotte x
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