helping rebuild devastated lives


Domestic abuse, rape, sexual abuse, slavery, trafficking – these dreadful traumas have a devastating effect on a woman’s sense of self, on her confidence, her self esteem and her body image. Now Company of Dreams is bringing joy to shattered lives through the surprising art of bellydance.

This unique and inspiring programme of classes, held in refuges, safe houses and support groups is bringing joy and happiness to women who have suffered so much, and helping them regain confidence & self esteem.

Many of the women are living in terror for their lives, having escaped from slavery, violent partners and abusers. Living in secret safe houses in the UK, they are isolated, far from home, and dealing with the long term effects of the abuse they’ve suffered. Self esteem, body image, self confidence, self belief are all shattered. Many have experienced no simple fun for years, if ever.

How can bellydance help?

Bellydance has a unique ability to help women feel better about themselves and their bodies. The movements feel sensual and womanly and there’s enormous joy gained from dancing in a group to pleasurable music. Taught in a safe space, amongst other women like themselves, our classes are helping women accept their bodies, develop confidence and rebuild self esteem through positive feedback. Dancing also takes their minds away from their terrible memories, and enables them to laugh and have fun together.

Read about some of the surprising results below

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And the results?

We are already seeing really surprising results from our work even though it’s very early days. Women are telling us that they are able to concentrate better during the week, as a result of the concentration and focus they have to maintain to learn the dance moves and steps.

Women who have fled war and conflict, often raped during war and horribly traumatized, arrive at the class depressed, but are soon smiling and laughing. One woman even changed the day of her regular counseling session so it didn’t clash with her bellydance class – she said it was making her feel so much better!

Please help us give joy to women who have suffered so much by making a donation to our work. Even the smallest amount really does help so much.

With grateful thanks to the Allen Lane Foundation, Croydon Council Community Fund and several Croydon councillors for their financial support

Bellydancers climb Mount Snowdon for us!

London bellydancers Saffron and Sophia climbed Mount Snowdon and raised over £1,000 for our work! At the top of the mountain they bellydanced for joy with our flag – click on the image to see the proof!