Photographs by Marie Louise Avery and Paul Houlton

The Fall of Lucifer

The Fall of Lucifer is a short piece created for a bellydance showcase production in London. It features what is now becoming our signature style, putting a new twist on some of the classic bellydance tropes (in this case the use of Isis wings) adding a dramatic narrative and creating a theatrical experience with emotional content.

In this dance we tell the ancient story of the Fall of Lucifer, common to both the Bible and the Koran. Lucifer is an archangel, the favourite of God, but he overreaches himself and is cast down to the earth (and later into hell) where first he is transfigured into the snake who tempts Eve in the Garden of Eden and later descends to hell where he becomes its king.

Dancers: Bless Klepcharek, Cate Caasi Brick, Georgia Braithwaite, Maelle Mayel and Itziar Ortiz de Landazuri